Thursday, January 6, 2011

THAT sort of day.

It's one of those days. You know, the one where you put on your sexiest bra and wear a thong just because some part of your life, no matter how minuscule or private, needs to feel good about itself.

I am a grouch. I don't want to be a mean mom because of it, so I'm going to do my complaining here and then pick myself up and move on.

First off, I'm freakin' tired. Really, does a person need to stay up until 1am? Especially if she is going to get up with her kids multiple times a night and then be up for the day by 0730? I am thinking not so much unless she's doing CPR on her neighbor. That's the main thing. If I wasn't so tired, I could handle life a lot better.

Somehow, being tired and not having life go the way you actually want it to go makes all of the little things seem like big things. Like the fact that I don't own a pair of jeans that look cute on me. Good heavens, why is it so hard to find a pair of pants that fit a ghetto booty and smaller waist? Impossible around Upstate NY, apparently. So then one could deduce that I need to lose weight. Well, that's obvious. But instead of doing what I need to do to accomplish that (which I really do want to do), I am eating cold, leftover pizza with my 2-year-old for breakfast. Yes, mommy is on a roll today.

Speaking of Upstate NY, why do we even live here? It's dark, freezing, has the worst tax rates in the COUNTRY, and one of the highest (if not the highest) depression rates.

Depression reminds me that all of the people I know are depressed. I want to help them but can't. I hate having my hands tied.

At least now that I'm on the topic of other people, I can get the focus off of myself.

So dear depressed people in the world, I am going to work on saving you today. All while wearing my sexy bra and a thong.

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