Thursday, November 19, 2009


I want to be one of those vegan-exercising-skinny-after-the-baby-comes-out type of pregnant women. Instead, I am one of those a-few-pounds-to-lose-eat-whatever-you-can-sedentary types of pregnant woman. I feel like I'm starving all of the time, and unfortunately, I fill that hungry belly with carbs instead of useful things.

One of the problems is finding the time to go grocery shopping. It's a difficult thing to arrange, so I often end up hunting through the cupboards (or in our case, boxes since we don't have cupboards to actually put food into) for anything available that's quick, easy, and mess-free to throw together between getting home after work and going to bed. Frozen pizza, pasta, and turkey burgers seem to be main staples for us.

I love vegetables, but John doesn't eat salad and it's hard for me to eat a whole head of lettuce before it goes bad...and I'm still hungry after eating salad, any way. When I'm home, it's easy to warm up some frozen veggies and throw in some butter and seasonings. When I'm at work, it's not so easy. Sure, I could prep this ahead of time, but that's time spent that I'd rather be sleeping.

I'm lazy. I guess that's really what it comes down to. And I lack self control. I just want to eat, darnit. I'm a hungry lady, and who cares if I sit on my butt all day and don't work those calories off? *sigh* What is the magic combination that I must hit so that I will only put past my lips healthy, wholesome, and needed nutrients?

Magic combination = 1) money to buy awesome foods, 2) time to go grocery shopping, and 3) a personal cook who will prepare and clean up the meals after we're done eating. Any takers?

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