Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm not throwing up. I don't have head aches. I don't have heart burn.

However, I do have the worst case of pregnancy brain that I've ever heard of and my back has been misaligned already. How can this be, with me only being 7 weeks along (or so I assume)? I'm not even showing yet--although it seems like every other June-due mama on Diaper Swappers has a belly. I don't understand the belly thing. How could anyone show yet? My bean is like half an inch long, if that. Speaking of bellies, I still have one from my I'm not feeling like posting photos of my new "baby belly" since it's really just the remnants of my last child.

Maybe my pregnancy brain is actually due to my tiredness. I am so darn tired today that I can barely keep my eyes awake. I mean open. Maybe I'm going to have to drink a caffienated beverage. One serving a day is supposed to be okay...*sigh*

Five more hours of work. Then a 45-minute car ride to get Lovebug. Then 30 minutes there. Then 45-minutes back home. The I unpack, figure out dinner, try to clean something up, eat, and go to bed.

Tonight, we're going to put Lovebug back in her crib. She's been sleeping with us again since her room was being redone and then since she was sick. It's time to move her back. I need to sleep again.

My incoherent rambling is due to the pregnancy brain, I'm sure...just like me burning part of last night's dinner (twice), "losing" the keys that were attached to the key chain I had already started my car with, leaving my dd's bottle of milk from yesterday in my backpack all night long, and not realizing my shirt collar was all twisted around today. This is really bad.

Are there any exercises or vitamins one can take to alleviate the dumbness that comes over me when I'm pregnant?!

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