Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fat Dreams

I dreamed last night that I was fat. I mean, really fat, like pudgy Pillsbury-Dough-Girl round as a ball fat. I think it's because I'm scared of the weight I'm going to gain this pregnancy. Last time, I was able to lose the weight pretty well after Lovebug was born, but then it plateued after like two months and I've been 10-15 lbs. over what I want to be ever since. Only 2 pairs of my pre-pregnancy pants fit, my shirts may never fit again (thanks to the extra large sized boobs I've managed to grow), and I still have a little pooch belly thing going on (whatever happened to my hard as steel abs?).

So, I'm a bit concerned since I'm starting out this pregnancy over weight. At my heaviest weight, my BMI is 24.7. I would rather start a pregnancy at 22 or less! *sigh* Oh well. I guess life will go on...and I will most likely find clothes that fit.

1 comment:

  1. I started out at a BMI of 25...I'm just being careful not to gain too much weight, and at 14 weeks, I still haven't gained any, it's just been redistributed. I assume that's about over, though, and I will start packing on the pounds. Oh well, I just told Rob that after the baby is born, he has babysitting for an hour a day so I can go work out.



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